Our coordinated skin care is based on three interacting components.

Products from the defend line protect the skin and protect it from changes.

Stands for Skin Protection. The products from this branch of the care series help to defend your
skin against external (extrinsic) and internal (intrinsic) influences that promote skin aging.

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Cure products help to improve existing skin changes.

Stands for healing. The products in this branch of the care series use tried and tested and useful ingredients that help to heal aging or damage to the skin that has already occurred.

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Clarify cosmetics cleanse and clear the skin of all harmful influences.

Stands for cleaning. For clarifying the skin, to optimally cleanse it of all the elastic substances of everyday life and to prepare it perfectly for the nourishing ingredients or protective mechanisms of the care series.

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derma competence care (dcc) stands for the innovative care series that Dr. Hero Schnitzler developed it in collaboration with a German cosmetics laboratory.

Within this care series, dcc (defend / cure / clarify) also stands for the three most important properties of good skin care.


58,20 CHF

A rich anti-wrinkle lifting action gently takes its effects in the demanding eye area.

  • hyaluronic acid
  • anti-aging
Use: 25+ Skin type: dry, very dry, oily Other: Apply thinly, also suitable as a lip mask.

80,30 CHF

Nourishing, smoothing moisture-booster serum with hyaluronic acid and anti-aging active ingredients for intensive hydration and protection of the skin structure.

  • hyaluronic acid
  • aquaxyl(TM)
Use: 25+ Skin type: dry and oily

69,30 CHF

The velvety texture of the rejuvenating hyaluron day cream is gentle on the skin and penetrates deeply.

  • hyaluronic acid
  • argireline
  • squalane
  • aquaxyl(TM)
Use: 25+ Skin type: dry, very dry, oily

49,10 CHF

The highly effective, fast-absorbing moisturizing cream with multiple hydro-effect provides a deep-acting supply of moisture with double hyaluronic acid (fine and low-molecular weight).

  • hyaluronic acid
  • ubiquinone q10
  • vitamin e
  • avocado öl
Use: all ages Skin type: dry

73,80 CHF

Aha (alpha Hydroxy Acids) Intensive serum stimulates the natural skin renewal process for a more resilient skin structure.

  • fruit acids
  • green tea
Use: all ages Skin type: dry and oily Other: Can also be used as a 4-week spring/autumn therapy treatment.

60,20 CHF

The unique combination of peptides and an amino complex protects, smoothens, and visibly reduces wrinkles around the eyes.

  • tetrapeptide-7
  • tripeptide-1
Use: 25+ Skin type: dry and oily

60,20 CHF

This hyaluron revital booster mask gives your skin freshness and vitality, which is further intensified by a vitamin complex.

  • hyaluronic acid
  • algen extract
  • lecithin
  • aquaxyl(TM)
Use: 25+ Skin type: dry, oily Other: apply 2-3 times a week

43,70 CHF

This refreshing, skin-soothing and moisturizing facial toner is suitable for deep cleansing of all skin types.

  • equisetum arvense
  • pro vitamin b5
  • aloe vera
  • bisabolol

Use: all ages
Skin type: dry and oily