At the beginning of 2015, the FMH dermatology practice at Bodmerstrasse 4 in Zurich Enge became the derma competence center (dcc).

Following our motto, Dr. Hero Schnitzler, a passionate dermatologist, and his team will take care of all your skin-related concerns.

The offer for healthy, beautiful, and pampered skin has been expanded in Bodmerstrasse to include aesthetic dermatology, laser medicine and medical cosmetics. Now you will find everything good that you need for your skin at our derma competence center.

Good cooperation, harmony with the team, pleasure in our work and our many years of experience define us as a practice team.

We are here to assist you and support you will with all your treatments.


Professional Competence
As venereologists, we assist you with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and as allergologists, we help with all skin conditions triggered by allergies.

Furthermore, with our certified additional training in the field of travel and tropical dermatology, as well as medically indicated laser therapies (e.g., port wine stains), we can provide consultation and treatment.

Years of Experience
As highly experienced doctors in the field of enhancing one’s appearance, we provide guidance on the possibilities of aesthetic medicine while always keeping in mind the goal of achieving a natural outcome.

Through regular further education in the field of “aesthetic medicine” and our experience, we know what it takes to achieve the desired results.

Cosmetic Care
Our licensed and certified estheticians in this field provide skin and treatment using all the modern techniques of medical cosmetics.

Our dermatologists are always on hand in the background and can incorporate their training in medical cosmetology and experience in aesthetic as needed, should you have any questions, doubt, or problems.

Hair laser bikini SHR dermatologist Zurich Enge


Diagnosis and treatment of all skin hair and nail conditions by our dermatologist.

Competent advice and therapy for all aesthetic concerns and skin changes, e.g.: laser, carboxy, filler and much more.

Enhance skin vitality through treatments with effective skincare ingredients and medical cosmetics.

Comprehensive medical care for our patients

Comprehensive medical care for our patients