My Preface

Dear patients and customers,
I am pleased to introduce to you the new skin-care series, derma competence care, which I have co-developed.

Many of you may be wondering, do we really need another skincare series on the market? As a dermatologist with many years of experience, I have pondered this question extensively, and I have come to the conclusion: Yes, we do need a new skincare line.

The reasons for this are clear and I am confronted with them daily with you. Many skincare products currently on the market contain ingredients whose effects on the skin have not been conclusively proven. They often do not deliver on the promises made by the manufacturer. Additionally, it is not the truly effective ingredients, research, and development that determine the price of skincare products, but rather the entire marketing and value chain behind them.

I have been able to draw on my experience and knowledge in collaboration with an established and specialized skincare laboratory. Together, we developed derma competence care, our own high-quality skincare series featuring effective ingredients sourced from nature. Since naturalness is important to us, we are pleased to announce that most of our products are vegan.

With this skincare series, your skin receives only what it truly needs, what genuinely helps, and all at a realistic price-performance ratio.

The derma competence care series is straightforward and can be used as a modular system to adapt to your needs.

Products from the defend line protect the skin and protect it from changes.

Stands for Skin Protection. The products from this branch of the care series help to defend your
skin against external (extrinsic) and internal (intrinsic) influences that promote skin aging.

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Cure products help to improve existing skin changes.

Stands for healing. The products in this branch of the care series use tried and tested and useful ingredients that help to heal aging or damage to the skin that has already occurred.

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Clarify cosmetics cleanse and clear the skin of all harmful influences.

Stands for cleaning. For clarifying the skin, to optimally cleanse it of all the elastic substances of everyday life and to prepare it perfectly for the nourishing ingredients or protective mechanisms of the care series.

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The synergy of the 3 major areas of the skin enables us at the derma competence center in Zurich Enge to do the very best for your skin and to provide you with comprehensive care.